New Zealand Adventure: The IRD Number

Now that you’ve successfully gotten you Working Holiday Visa you’re ready to start working to fun your travels through New Zealand! But first things first, you need to pay your taxes! Yup, thats right, even though it’s only temporary work and you’re not a resident you are still required by law to pay taxes off your pay. I promise this isn’t anything to stress about as you only need to do 1 thing: Get an Inland Revenue Number (IRD Number). So here’s[Read more]

New Zealand Adventure: The Visa

As a disclaimer I will mention that in no way can I offer any legal immigration advise and everything I say in regards to New Zealand immigration has been from my own experience. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help, but if you need a immigration lawyer I am sadly not your chick!  When I first came to New Zealand it was as a tourist, however I got a working[Read more]

Life In New Zealand

Ok, first things first I should mention is that in no way have I ever promised to post often. Sure 3 months is a lot longer than I planned on going, but I just didn’t seem to have anything worth writing about, let alone that anyone would want to read. However on this rainy rare Saturday I have off I decided that today’s the day! I was told that winter tend to suck in New Zealand and that I couldn’t have[Read more]