New Zealand Adventure: The IRD Number

Now that you’ve successfully gotten you Working Holiday Visa you’re ready to start working to fun your travels through New Zealand! But first things first, you need to pay your taxes! Yup, thats right, even though it’s only temporary work and you’re not a resident you are still required by law to pay taxes off your pay. I promise this isn’t anything to stress about as you only need to do 1 thing: Get an Inland Revenue Number (IRD Number). So here’s how to do that:

  1. You’re gonna need a bank account

Personally I went through KiwiBank as they were the easiest and friendliest to deal with, though there are many other banks you can chose from. In order to meet the criteria to apply for an IRD number you bank must be deemed ‘a fully functional New Zealand bank account’. In non-official speak this means an account into which deposits can be made and from which you can withdraw money. According to New Zealand law pertaining to anti-money laundering and the ‘Countering Financing of Terrorism Act’. The bank account must have been set up and fully functioning BEFORE you apply for an IRD number. Getting a bank account set up isn’t too hard to do, and you can find out everything you need in my blog post ‘Setting up a New Zealand Bank Account’. You WILL need to have a form confirming that the bank account is fully functional, I was pretty lucky and KiwiBank helped me out by explaining all of it to me and supplying me with the form (honestly could rave about their customer service in a blog post all on it’s own!) but if your bank doesn’t supply it you can get the form here:

Travel Advice: While you’re waiting for the bank to get back to you, it’s a perfect opportunity to read up on New Zealand! Hands down the best book I read while planning my trip to New Zealand was Lonely Planet: New Zealand. Super informative and has some amazing places you can check out (and how to get you there).


2. Filling out the Form

By now you’re proably sick of filling out forms, but sadly this isn’t something that’s going to stop if you plan on traveling for awhile. The next step to getting you IRD number is to fill out the application form, also known as an IR742 form. Click Here to get the form you will need to fill out (this can all be done online!). Now this form is actually pretty useful because it explains in detail what they’re looking for in each question. So I won’t go into detail about that.

3. What to send with it

Besides the bank form and IRD application, you will also need to send in photographic identification, proof of your residential address and proof of your intended activity in New Zealand.

Photographic Identification: For this you will need to send in some sort of government issued Identification. Such as a passport or drivers license. You can also send in a photo copy of it, just make sure it’s in colour and it’s of the information and photo page!

Proof of residential address: The easiest way to do this is to get your bank to print off a bank statement that includes your address, but any bill sent to that address will work.

Proof of intended activity in New Zealand: This part can be a little tricky if you haven’t had a job offer yet but if you have make sure to include it. If you haven’t received one then include a copy of your working holiday visa for proof that you’re wanting to work while there.

3. Getting it there

Once you have all your forms printed out, filled out and signed and have all of your supporting documents, it’s time to send it away! If you are in New Zealand when you submit the form send it to – Inland Revenue, P O Box 39010, Wellington Mail Centre 5045, New Zealand. However if you’re overseas at the time you submit the form you can send an email copy plus all supporting documents as attachments to or alternatively post it to the same address as above. Make sure if you do it this way you get a copy of your photo identification saved as a PDF or photo and send with it.

Best of luck with your IRD application and as always if you have any questions about it feel free to shoot me an email or comment down below and I will do my best to answer it!

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