Getting back into an old hobby

I got into terrarium making when I was in my last year of high school. I had always loved the Tumblr and Pinterest post about them and wanted to have a million around the house. I looked at them and thought “I can do that”, and thus in my senior year I bought the book Tiny World Terrariums and began to teach myself how to make them. If you’re looking for a great book to get you started I would highly recommend this one! Its a good price and they explain exactly how to set up a terrarium, plus they have a million photos for you to get inspiration from.

There’s something I find very cathartic about creating terrariums and little potted succulents. It’s a process that you can take your time with, or make one in 5 minutes. It’s all up to you.

Recently I bought some succulents off TradeMe (Kijiji for New Zealand), and decided to start making little pots again. It was something that brought me a lot of peace in a year when everything else was chaotic and I think it’s something I need at the moment.


I thought I might just share this little tidbit of life with you, incase anyone else is in the same boat and wanting to star a hobby or maybe even just looking for something that takes your mind off the world for a few moments. Once I get some actually planted I’ll post the end result! But would love to get some inspiration from anyone else who already has some made!

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