Getting Robbed and How We Got My Macbook Back!

If anyones noticed I’ve been abnormally quiet on social media the last few weeks it’s because some lowlife decided to break into my house and steal almost all our valuables.

When I decided I wanted to travel after I got out of school I always knew there was the chance that some items of mine would get stolen. My mom said to me “Don’t bring anything you can’t live without”, so naturally I brought my laptop with me and guarded it with my life during my first trip to New Zealand.

The week after Christmas while I was away at a friends house in Mangawhai, some asshole(s) decided to break into our house while a flatmate was out for 45 minutes. They went through every room, tossing drawers and basically tearing the house apart. They definitely got a good haul, taking everyones laptops, cameras, chargers, xboxes, and anything that was electronic or had monetary value to it.

A photo taken of our room with everything thrown carelessly around.

Some of the things they took were silly (like a set of tweezers- ew), and some had simply meant more to me than others. Like my fossil watch I loved dearly and a wallet I bought from my old job at coach, but by far the one that hurt the most was my almost new Macbook pro. I bring it with me every time we go away, but opted to leave it at home so it would be safer as it was over New Years and I didn’t want anything to happen to it. So I left it safely at home.

I can’t tell you how saddened and violated I feel knowing someone had gone through my room, looking at all my bra’s and basically my entire life. I have photos in there and memories that were thrown around like they meant nothing. But the story doesn’t stop there.

Thank god for Find My Iphone is all I have to say. Anyone who has any apple device take this moment to check and make sure it’s on, be it your laptop, phone or Ipad. Go ahead, I’ll wait. See with FMIP we could see exactly where 2 of the 4 laptops were being kept. And while I won’t go into full details, a few flatmates went over to the guys house and asked politely for our things back; in return we wouldn’t call the cops. As a disclaimer I will mention the cops were fully aware of everything going on, from the break in to our computers showing up on the map, however after getting the run around from them I realize they just simply do not care as it’s going on a month and they’ve done bupkis.

Sadly we only retrieved 3 of the stolen laptops, with everything else still missing. Thankfully we have insurance and have now upped out security game (I’m still trying to convince Elliot of the perks of having a guard goose but he’s not too keen on the idea). But this has definitely been an emotional experience. I’m only just starting to sleep through the night again thanks to a new lock on the door and security camera’s set up. It still haunts me that someone’s gone through all my things and walked through our house, but I’m slowly getting over that. And it might not be an issue for much longer, but that’s a blog post for another time 😉

I’ll stop writing an essay now and leave you with something to do today, check your alarms, doors and windows. Don’t become lazy and leave them open, any house in any neighbourhood can be broken into if you give someone a chance too.

3 thoughts on “Getting Robbed and How We Got My Macbook Back!

  1. Too bad you didn’t have Lola there to sleep with you after it happened, I think you would have felt more secure

    1. Yes I certainly wish I had Lola with me! Though to be fair I don’t think it would have happened if we had two Dobes in the house haha! You know I never see any dobes here? Saw my first one a few days ago. Apparently they’re not bred here so can only be imported and they have such strict laws and long quarantine periods that its very hard to do so.

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