I bought a horse with as many issues as me

A few months ago I finally caved and bought a little 15.1hh 4 year old thoroughbred. He had never raced and had a massive question mark when it came to his history. I bought him from a well known ‘halfway’ house for thoroughbreds called Eventstars in Cambridge. They do some amazing work with off the track thoroughbreds there and have a great reputation for being super honest about the horses they are rehoming.

Top photo is ‘Teddy’ after he had been with Evenstars for I believe 6 months, and the bottom photo is how he came to them. A very tiny, underweight and lanky young horse. As I said, they really care for the horses they take in and do phenomenal work with them.

The first week Teddy was home one thing became very clear; he was not a Teddy.

For the first two weeks I couldn’t catch him. Then when I could he was so herd bound there was no way to make him leave the paddock, he knew his weight and no matter what I did he would plant his hoofs in to the ground and not move. Not to mention he was a described as “cold backed” and seemed to have a incredibly sore back when he arrived.

I had a friend come to get her opinion on him and while he was having a panic being down at the stables and not able to stay still or be touched, she told me to cut my loses send him back.

But I just saw something in him that reminded me of my first horse Marvin, who I went through hell and back with but in the end was so worth it.

So we started by getting his feed right, getting his feet looked at and trying to get an osteopath out to look at his back. Thankfully the osteopath said that it was mostly just sore muscles and with the right exercise it shouldn’t be an issue. He seemed to have been a goon out in the paddock and must have twinged it, and obviously didn’t want me (some stranger) to touch him.

Trying to deworm the goober, ended up with half of it on me and the other half on his face and legs. He wasn’t to thrilled to have it done.

It’s been 3 months since Teddy arrived home and we changed his name to a more suitable one, Loki. I can say with certainty he is a challenge, he seems to have as many issues as I do. And maybe thats why we bonded so quickly. He makes me laugh and look at the world differently, and I’d like to think we have a friendship in progress.

Over the next few months I’m going to start riding him and I can’t wait. He approaches challenges with inquisition and doesn’t seem to be scared of the world, just hesitant. I’ll be posting along the journey on my instagram and on this blog, so if you’re interested in keeping up to date make sure you click the follow button 🙂


p.s I’m looking for saddle recommendations! I’ve been thinking of getting a wintec for him.. But I’ve never really ridden in them before. Whats the verdict on them?

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