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Ok, first things first I should mention is that in no way have I ever promised to post often. Sure 3 months is a lot longer than I planned on going, but I just didn’t seem to have anything worth writing about, let alone that anyone would want to read. However on this rainy rare Saturday I have off I decided that today’s the day!

I was told that winter tend to suck in New Zealand and that I couldn’t have chosen a worse time to come. I disagree. Winters in Canada suck. A lot. Winters in New Zealand are just really really  wet and kinda chilly. Working on a farm means that rain or shine I’m there early in the mornings. When it’s a nice morning the views are amazing and it makes me feel unbelievably grateful to have the opportunity to live in this beautiful country.

img_0290Over the years I’ve worked at a few different place, but I must say this one definitely takes the cake for new experiences everyday. I’ve learned to drive a tractor, work with sheep, llamas, goats, possums .. (I could go on but it seems everyday there’s a new animal here), waking up at 5am to go do chores and manage a group of teenagers that definitely have more dramas in their lives than I ever did.


One of the baby lambs taking a nap in the hay (above) and twin lambs (below).

img_0330Anyone that knows me can probably guess that I’m not good at staying away from horses. No matter how many times I say that I’m “taking a break from riding”. So it should come as no surprise to learn that I took this job as a stable manger, and therefor seem to have adopted a herd of horses. I’ve also gained a tremendous amount of respect (even more than I had before) for my old coach/barn owner Sandra. I have only 10 horses under my care and it’s enough for me to be exhausted by the end of the day (as well as really sore. I feel like my knees and back are on protest most days), I seriously have no idea how she’s done it for long with more horses and teaching lessons on top of everything else!

img_1014This is Cinnamon having a snooze out in her paddock. We use Clydesdales for the most part as they have such an amazing temperament.


Image and Suzie waiting to go for a ride. Image is the baby of the farm at only 4, she’s had a few rides on her now and is such a sweetie to ride!

Life in New Zealand is going pretty well overall. Anyone who’s moved away from home can probably relate to how I feel being here. I love it and I’m so glad I moved here, the people are amazing and I’m surprising myself with how well I can do this whole “adult” thing. Don’t get me wrong I still wash my lights and darks together and I’m horrible at planning out meals for the week, but I’m getting there- I think. The hard parts come when I’m driving home from work and a song comes on that reminds me of home, or Grey’s Anatomy starts a new season (which if you watch it, let me know what you think of the whole Alex situation, because he’s my fav and I don’t think I can keep watching if my fav isn’t there). Thankfully I know my parent’s are just a FaceTime call away and it’s so easy to stay in touch with everyone from back home that it doesn’t make me feel as far away as I am.

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  1. Laura I’m loving these!! You’re such a compelling writer! Thank you for sharing! – side note – I am a HUGE Greys fan and am totally in the same boat as you regarding the Alex situation!! Gah cannot even beleeeeeeeive it! – we shall talk on Saturday! Hahaha(: x

    Also this website layout is awesome!(:

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