Maritime Road Trip

In my previous post I talked about packing my bags and moving to New Zealand, I also mentioned my boyfriend Elliot was making the trip over to Canada to see our beautiful (cold) country before we flew back to New Zealand. Spending my last few weeks in Canada doing dorky touristy things and being able to show him my hometown was the perfect send-off.


He got to meet my somewhat crazy family while spending a few weeks at our cottage in Bluerocks Nova Scotia. While it wasn’t the best of weather, we did make do with a day trip to the Lahave bakery, the colourful town of Lunenburg, and spent a few days exploring Halifax!


We made a slight detour on the way home from Lunenburg and stopped at Peggy’s Cove. I figured we couldn’t do Nova Scotia without seeing this iconic maritime sight! It was absolutely freezing and overcast but we still managed to have fun and didn’t end up on Morons of Peggy’s Cove twitter. If you’re from the area check out their twitter for a laugh, if you’re not from ’round here and want to visit, make sure you stay of the dang black rocks!


After our adventures in Nova Scotia we stopped at my cottage in Cap Pele for the night and we were greeted with one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever see there! Tide was right out and it was warm enough to walk out to all the sandbars. It was absolutely stunning! The next morning we headed off to Prince Edward Island for a quick little day trip! Sadly I’m an idiot and forgot to take any photos while we were there, but we I swear we went! Made him try the iconic Cow’s Ice Cream and walked along Brackley beach. If you’re making the trip over I’d highly recommend Leohards Cafe and Restaurant. A little hole in the wall place that has the best brunch I’ve ever had, and I take my brunch very seriously. Try their eggs benedict, it is so yummy I’ve yet to find anywhere that can compare!


On one of my last days in the maritimes we ventured to Fundy Park for the day. This photo was taken from point wolf beach, and even though it was pouring rain for most of the day it was a nice drive out and a great place to spend a few hours.

While we were in the maritimes for about a week and a half, we then set off to Vancouver to enjoy a few days there before the big flight to New Zealand. If you want to see our adventures in Whistler make sure your subscribed to my email list on the right of this page! 🙂

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