Fresh start and Introductions

The last few weeks have been hard. I’ve gone a total of 2 weeks without a Facebook (I know, it’s hard to imagine but I pulled through and came out the other side). I wish I had an interesting story about what happened but I still don’t know exactly why Facebook deleted my account. All I know is that the Facebook help centre isn’t really that helpful, in fact I’m still waiting for a reply to my email… I thought since[Read more]

Getting Robbed and How We Got My Macbook Back!

If anyones noticed I’ve been abnormally quiet on social media the last few weeks it’s because some lowlife decided to break into my house and steal almost all our valuables. When I decided I wanted to travel after I got out of school I always knew there was the chance that some items of mine would get stolen. My mom said to me “Don’t bring anything you can’t live without”, so naturally I brought my laptop with me and guarded it[Read more]

After the Fall: The fears attached to horseback riding

As a horseback rider we all have fears; whether it’s from a past experience or simply the fear of the unknown. And while it’s important to work past your fears to improve as a rider, It’s healthy to have a certain level of caution while working with horses. This keeps you from becoming arrogant and cocky around them, which will cause as accident. The one thing you can always trust a horse to do is keep you humble. Recently I had[Read more]

10 Things I’ve learned in 20 Years

A few weeks ago I turned 20. For the most part I’ve just stumbled through the last few years, making split second decisions that have completely changed my life. Or maybe I was always meant to be where I am today, but that’s a philosophical discussion that I’m definitely not ready to get into at this point in time! While I still have no idea what I’m going to be doing next month let alone the rest of my life,[Read more]