Being Thankful

Thanksgiving really crept up on me this year and it may have something to do with it being spring in New Zealand, not fall. Which means no changing leaves or sweater weather days. Ok, I’m still wearing sweaters here (or jumpers as the locals call it), but not because it’s getting chilly on sunny days. But because it’s still raining a few times a week here and I’m up so early in the morning to go to work thats it a bit[Read more]

Life In New Zealand

Ok, first things first I should mention is that in no way have I ever promised to post often. Sure 3 months is a lot longer than I planned on going, but I just didn’t seem to have anything worth writing about, let alone that anyone would want to read. However on this rainy rare Saturday I have off I decided that today’s the day! I was told that winter tend to suck in New Zealand and that I couldn’t have[Read more]

Maritime Road Trip

In my previous post I talked about packing my bags and moving to New Zealand, I also mentioned my boyfriend Elliot was making the trip over to Canada to see our beautiful (cold) country before we flew back to New Zealand. Spending my last few weeks in Canada doing dorky touristy things and being able to show him my hometown was the perfect send-off. He got to meet my somewhat crazy family while spending a few weeks at our cottage in Bluerocks[Read more]

The Next Chapter

My life has been feeling rather surreal lately. Take today for example. I’m currently sitting in the middle of Whistler village just north of Vancouver, I just had a great coffee and had ice cream for lunch. Because I’m an adult and can have ice cream for lunch if I want to. I like to think of it as the pay off for now having to pay bills and make those tough adult decisions. One of those tough adult decisions came[Read more]