Simple and Inexpensive Home Cactuses

As a continuation on my last post about getting back into an old hobby, I thought I would share just how easy it is to make add a little cactus love in your house.

All you need are these simple things:

  1. A cactus of some sort. Can be a small one or big one! Completely up to you! Just remember the bigger the size the bigger the pot!
  2. A pot, or planter. Again this is completely up to you. Personally, I’m broke, so I use old candle jars to put them in. Which normally work rather well as they’re solid (normally double glazed) and you already know if you like the look of them in your house.
  3. Some soil. Cacti are pretty resilient things (one of the biggest reasons I love them: It takes a lot to kill them!), but they still need soil to grow!
  4. Some pebbles, if you want! If you’re local garden centre doesn’t have any, just run down to the pet store. The ones I’m using in the pictures below are all technically ‘aquatic gravel’, which is no different to regular gravel.

Finished product of a small cactus in a old Kiki.k candle. Also, thanks Tyler for showing me how to get all the candle wax out of a used candle! 

The process. First I put some gravel on the bottom of the jar so that it has adequate drainage, then the soil, cactus and voila! Repeat steps for the rolling cactuses.

These two are again in old candle jars, but I wanted to show the difference of having a lose soil verses gravel topping. Personally I prefer the gravel look as I find it’s a bit more clean looking. But as far as I know it’s completely up to personal preference.

Gravel, Soil, Cactus, Gravel

I’m really excited about getting back into this, so would LOVE to see some creations I can get some inspiration from. If you give it a go send me a photo of your finished look!

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